Receive Your A/R Money 10 Days Faster!

Receive Your A/R Money 10 Days Faster!

Automate-AR-CollectionAccounts Receivable still remains as a reactive, manual process with many days lapsing to correct errors further delaying collection of funds.

The process includes many unnecessary steps that can easily be automated and eliminated.

Having insight to the issues ahead of payment time is one point that automation provides. As you can see below, The manual process on the left is time-consuming, convoluted and must be performed one invoice at a time.

The automated process using Goh-RSMS allows the user to upload a statement with many invoices to be checked for errors and see these early in the process. These errors can now be addressed in bulk, versus one at a time. Thus saving hours, days and weeks of back and forth. An amount is agreed upon, and payment is issued. Collection time is reduced by at least 10 days!


How will receiving your reconciled payment up to 10 days faster help your business?

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