About Us

About AO Logistics

AO Logistics, designed Goh – RSMS, a SaaS (Software as a Service) that automates the accounts payable and receivable reconciliation and settlement process. Goh Software provides users a robust and secure online infrastructure for storing and organizing their reconciliation statements.

Our Mission

To relieve reconciliation pain.

of AO Logistics has been in the logistics industry for over 20 years. As a seasoned  Accounting professional and accounts payable/receivable veteran, Laketch Mekonnen has a firsthand understanding of the manual and laborious reconciliation process challenges. These challenges were her inspiration to create a software that automates reconciliation and settlement process to make the functions easier for employees and less expensive for companies around the world. The cumulative result thus is  AO Logistics  and Goh-RSMS (Reconciliation and Settlement Management Software).

Laketch holds a degree in Civil Engineering and Accounting.

The Chief Financial Officer has over 28 years of experience in the financial accounting field, has over 6 years controller experience in the private industry and over 20 years of public fund accounting, auditing and holds degree in Business Accounting
The Director of Business Development is well seasoned in the Logistics Industry with over 12 years’ experience of Logistics accounting and educational background of Business Administration majoring in Management of Information System.
The Director of Marketing has over 15 years of business to business marketing experience, has been recognized by several industries for record breaking production, recipient of various Customer Satisfaction awards with education background of Business Management.

The IT Associates of AO Logistics Rec. Inc. that developed Goh-RSMS have over 17 years’ experience of production of cutting edge technology software, are CMMI level 3 certified while the Programmers are BRAINBENCH Certified.

The current IT Associate  CodeConcept, are a highly-regarded international firm specializing in software and firmware development, as well as creating mobile and web applications. With 20 years experience, they brought a global perspective to the software and emphasized ease of use.