Goh – RSMS Launches

Goh – RSMS Launches

AO Logistics launches Goh – RSMS (Reconciliation and Settlement Management System), a global SaaS (Software as a Service) that automates the accounts payable and receivable reconciliation and settlement process for shipping and logistics companies, worldwide, has launched. Goh – RSMS software provides users a robust and secure online infrastructure for storing and organizing their reconciliation statements and integrates with current software.


“We have been using Goh – RSMS for the last six months and we have seen great improvement in the reconciliation and settlement process. We have found the process to be efficient and accurate and has allowed us to have better control of our settlement with our vendors.”

-Niko, Managing Director, KGT Ltd.

After using the demo of Goh – RSMS software, user Teresa Gina Rama, Vanguard Logistics, understands commented that, “the software will reduce labor cost and greatly reduce reconciliation time. It will eliminate the need to exchange statement between countries.”

“After 20 years of managing accounts payable/receivable departments of logistics and shipping companies, I was frustrated in the manual and laborious process of reconciliation and settlement. I understood the solution to be automation but could not locate any suitable software on the market thus I designed Goh” says Laketch Mekonnen, founder of the company, AO Logistics and its software, Goh – RSMS.

Goh-RSMS is designed to maximize efficiency and automate a manual reconciliation process; the software identifies and resolve errors in a timely way and integrates seamlessly with current systems. Benefits include:

  • Statement matching time is reduced by 98%
  • Saves printing and overhead costs by 65%
  • Errors managed more efficiently, analysis time reduced by 80%


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